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We respect the privacy of anyone using this website. Our privacy policy has been written in plain English as we’re keen to be transparent about how we handle your personal information. We provide our service to you subject to this privacy policy and we will continue to review it. We also reserve the right to amend it.

Your privacy is extremely important to us. We are constantly putting a great deal of thought, effort, tools, resources and procedures in place in order to protect and safeguard your privacy. This document is our "Privacy Policy," and it contains details on issues related to your privacy when using our services. This Privacy Policy applies to visitors to the public websites owned and operated by Belinda Wright. Due to the nature of our services we understand the importance of keeping information safe, which is why we have taken every measure to ensure we don't hold any data that is sensitive. 



We collect, receive or process your information in very few ways and each of these are intended to improve your experience. Often, you can choose the type of information you provide, like whether to include a phone number on a contact form, but sometimes certain information is required in order to make the service work.



When you complete a form on our website we don't share the information you provided with anyone.



We currently don't use any analytics to collect information about how visitors use our website. This is something we might look to in the future as it could provide us with anonymous but useful information, such as the number of visitors to the website, the browsers used, the pages viewed and for what length of time. We make no attempts to use this data in any way to identify specific users or to discover any personally identifiable information, the information is simply informative.



Cookies are small files that web browsers place on a computer's hard drive. They help us to authenticate users as well as improve the overall experience. Our website stores cookies from wix, which are essential for the website to work. Data is stored anonymously and includes no sensitive information. To find more information about Wix cookies please see HERE. This data poses no risk or threat to the users of the website but it’s very helpful to us. 

All browsers will allow you to reject and/or delete cookies either individually or all at once. The procedure for this depends on the browser you use. We have inserted a link to the most common used browsers below.

Internet Explorer - click to see page.

Chrome - click to see page.

Firefox - click to see page.

Safari - click to see page.

Opera - click to see page.

Flash cookies - click to see page.

iPhone, iPad and other equipment from Apple - click to see page.

All phones and other equipment on Android - click to see page.

All phones and other equipment on Windows 7 - click to see page.


We do not guarantee that the above links provide the correct rejection/deletion procedure and accept no liability in this respect.

Please note that disabling cookies in your browser settings will mean that you will not have access to the full functionality of most websites. You can find more information on cookies at

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