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Welcome to my website.

I offer individuals one-to-one counselling near Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Every individual’s journey in therapy is unique; I aim to respond sensitively and intuitively to each person’s experience.

Counselling can help people in many different ways:
This might include anxiety and depression, feeling trapped by the past, low self esteem, stress, difficulty in relationships and decision making, and feeling anxious about the future. Coming to terms with bereavement can be a hard and lonely place and I hope to offer a space for individuals to be heard and held.

I am a qualified counsellor with several years experience working with both adults and young people. I have a Diploma in Humanistic and Integrative Counselling from  BCPC  (Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling). I am a qualified EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) practitioner.


About Me


I was born and brought up in Gloucestershire. In my early twenties I travelled all over the world and then started my working life as a professional cook. Cooking is still a passion, as is my garden. I am married with three children.

My first contact with therapy was when I experienced bereavement myself. This led me to work at the Trinity Hospice in Clapham, London. Importantly the hospice provides support to patients and their families, before and after bereavement, and it was in this capacity that I worked at the Hospice for three years. Having moved to Gloucestershire, I joined the charity Cotswold Counselling, which is dedicated to the relief of emotional distress caused by mental or physical ill health affecting people in the Cotswolds and the surrounding areas. 

I trained in Bath as a counsellor and set up a private practice from a shepherd's hut between Stroud and Cirencester. It offers a quiet and serene space for both short and long term counselling. I love to work with children and young adults and I give counselling at a secondary school during term time.


I am a qualified counsellor with a diploma in Humanistic and Integrative 
Dip. HIC
(Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling)

Life is often described as a journey. There are times along that journey when you might struggle with difficult feelings and find life challenging. It could be you are experiencing difficulty in a relationship, or are lacking in self-confidence and self-belief. You may have recognised an unresolved issue from the past or be finding change hard. Perhaps you are challenged in making life choices or are simply feeling numb. You might be depressed, anxious or grieving.

Counselling is a process that can offer a space for you to discover your true being or nature. My role will be to accompany you on this journey, and to support you whilst you explore and uncover places within yourself that you may not have previously been aware of.

I work hard to establish a safe and trusting environment in which we can embark on this venture together.
The initial session will be an exploration of what brought you to, and what you feel you need from, counselling.  Depending on each individual's needs we can agree a number of sessions, which can be reviewed frequently.  

I am strongly committed to working safely and ethically and I am a registered member of BACP (British Association for Psychotherapy and Counselling) and adhere to all their Codes of Ethics.  My work is supervised and insured which is a requirement of BACP.

My fees are £50 for a 1 hour session.  I do offer a few low-cost spaces.    


I help people with exam stress, friendship and relationship problems, family issues, job stress and individuals with low esteem.


Trapped In The Past

I help people who feel despair, despondency, sorrow and dejection, who feel hopelessness and have difficulty getting through the day and being able to function on a normal level.

I help people who have experienced trauma in their past and feel unable to move forward.

Low Self Esteem

I help people who don’t feel valued and people who don’t feel ‘good enough’ and maybe struggle to mix with their peers.


Relationship Issues

I help people who experience high anxiety and stress during exam times, also people with job stress and relationships that have broken down.

I help people with marriage and relationship problems, inter-family fighting and friendships at schools.

Decision Making

I help people who are struggling with lifelong decisions, related to your job or relationships. 


I help people who have experienced bereavement, whether it be losing someone through illness, suicide or a sudden unexpected death.


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